Some changes are on their way…

Cough cough…  Let me blow the dust from this website.  We have been unusually quiet recently and for that we apologise.  In our absence the blog has still been busy with over 300 unique visits a day, in fact we’re closing on 250,000 total visits!

Most of these hits come from people looking either for Heston Blumenthal information or information about running defrag in Windows Vista.  Bit of a difference in target audience there I reckon!

With this in mind we’re going to shake things up a bit.  The blog will be split in two.  ITsFood will remain here and concentrate on all matters “food”.  Whether this is cooking, recipes, cook books, restaurant visits, food ethics, etc. it will be posted here.  Our wine reviews have always been archived at our sister site ITsWine, this will be mothballed and all wine content will be moved to a new site soon.  We’ll officially launch it soon but we’re working on the design of the site and, as it will be WordPress based, we’re also waiting for WordPress 3.0 to be released.  Both sites will still have the odd bit of techy news as well, we can’t do without tech…!

In the meantime please come over to Twitter where we’re very active and join the other 800+ followers.

We’ll be back very soon… ITs Food 🙂

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