Review: The Fat Duck 2009 (part 4)

Following on from part one, two and three of our review we now move on to part four.

  1. Background and arrival
  2. The Menu: part 1
  3. The Menu: part 2
  4. The Bill plus conclusions

First, an Extra bit…

After reading the last part of the review and then looking at the bill (below) I realised I forgot completely to mention that two of us had the extra Cheese course.  Again, this wasn’t as good as last time.  On our previous visit the waiter had taken time to explain all the cheeses then proceeded to arrange them in taste order round the plate.  The cheese this time was still good but there was little that made it special and for £15 it probably wasn’t worth it.  Having said that though,  ITs Food Jnr LOVES cheese and she thought it was excellent!

The Bill plus conclusions

Yes, it was expensive!  We’re by no means “showing off” and saying “look at us, we can pay a fortune for a meal”.  On the contrary, we aren’t rich but we don’t mind paying for quality and a real foodie experience.  A meal at The Fat Duck is indeed both of those things.

As I was feeling slightly “merry” after drinking most of the wine, Mrs ITs Food paid the bill.  It was the next day when I saw it.

Our Fat Duck had a Fat Bill!

Our Fat Duck had a Fat Bill!

This probably was what I thought it would be if I’m honest with you.  I had in mind £200 a head and with the recent rises in the cost of the tasting menu, £640 seemed about the right level.  I’ve been trying to source some Turley Old Vine Zinfandel in the UK and it seems £75 for a bottle isn’t a massive mark up at all!

Was it worth it?

Hmm…  You’ve probably noticed that I mention quite a lot about how “…it was not as good as last time”.  I keep thinking this over and I think the reasons for this are:

  1. Last time it was our first time having the Tasting Menu (or in fact our first time having anything like it ever).  Difficult to match that experience.
  2. The menu hadn’t changed much.  Rather than being blown away we ended up comparing each dish to the last time we’d tried it.
  3. We were all suffering with minor colds and I fully admit I ended up drinking a little too much (as the other two did not drink as much as they would do normally!)

But I must remember the most important thing.  This visit was for ITs Food Jnr’s 18th birthday.  Did she enjoy it? Yes.  Will she remember it forever? Yes.  Was it worth it?


If you get a chance to visit The Fat Duck I wholeheartedly recommend it.  The prices are rising and I hear the “a la carte” menu has been discontinued and replaced with the new tasting menu.  It’s a shame the a la carte has gone as that had the “best course ever” on it.  I hear the a la carte will be served in Heston’s new London venture though.

After this particular visit I remember saying that we probably wouldn’t go again unless the tasting menu changed.  Heston changed the tasting menu a couple of months after we’d been!  Time to start saving again…! 🙂


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An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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