Review: The Fat Duck 2009 (part 3)

Following on from part one and two of our review we now move on to part three.

  1. Background and arrival
  2. The Menu: part 1
  3. The Menu: part 2
  4. The Bill plus conclusions

The Menu: part 2

Over the page on the menu we were presented with the following:

The Fat Duck Tasting Menu 2009 Part 2

The Fat Duck Tasting Menu 2009 Part 2

After a couple of dishes which weren’t my favourites we moved on to the Ballotine of Anjou Pigeon.  Last time we went to The Fat Duck this was one of the stand out courses.  A subtle but beautifully cooked and presented dish.  This time I don’t think it was as good.  The Pigeon was a little too rare for me (and I love most rare meat) and overall the dish was “good” rather than fantastic.  If I’m honest though I think I may be a little too over critical of the dish comparing it with how it tasted 3 years before.

The Fat Duck Tasting Menu 2009

Next we moved on to the “dessert” portion of the meal.  The excellent Hot and Iced Tea was superb as ever.  Hot one side, cold the other treating your mouth and throat to an amazing experience.

<no photo yet, sorry!>

Mrs Marshall’s Margaret Cornet is a tribute dish by Heston.  It is simply some nitro made ice cream in a cornet but… it is probably the best “99” 😉 I’ve ever had.  No Flake in this though…

<no photo yet, sorry!>

The Pine Sherbet Fountain pre-hit is just what it says, something to get your taste buds tingling.  Simple, but very well done.  It certainly brings your mouth alive, you’re probably at least 2 hours into the meal at this point!

<no photo yet, sorry!>

The Mango and Douglas Fir Purée was as excellent as last time.  The blackcurrant sorbet is simply divine.  Words cannot express my love for this dish.  I’ve had it 3 times now and each time the mixture of flavours, tastes and textures blows me away.

The Fat Duck Tasting Menu 2009

“Now time for breakfast…” your waiter will probably say.  Parsnip Cereal with parsnip milk.  Hmmm… It’s all very clever and you get a little Fat Duck cereal box but it’s all a bit gimmicky in my book.  It tastes fine and is a bit of fun but falls short on the Wow factor.

<no photo yet, sorry!>

Wow factor is something that is not lacking on the next course.  Along with Snail Porridge the Nitro-scrambled Egg and Bacon ice cream is probably one of the most famous dishes at The Fat Duck.  Your ice cream is cracked from an egg into a copper pan and nitro-scrambled in front of you!  This is pure Heston theatre and each time I’ve experienced it (twice) it’s brought a large foodie smile to my face.  The ice cream is served on some “french toast” which Mrs ITs Food says is too sweet for her.  I personally love it.

As a bonus, the wonderful staff had written Happy Birthday on ITs Food Jnr’s plate.  We were there for her 18th birthday but I had not told them this.  Mrs ITs Food said she must have mentioned it when she confirmed the booking.  A big thank you to The Fat Duck for this subtle and very classy Happy Birthday!

The Fat Duck Tasting Menu 2009

This remarkable dish marked the end of the main dishes and we were left to enjoy a coffee (Nespresso? Really??) and some excellent petit fours.  The Aerated Mandarin Chocolate is the best Orange Aero 😉 you will ever taste, I’ve never been a fan of Violet Cream’s but the Tartlet was excellent.  The highlight was the amazing Apple Pie Caramel with edible wrapping.  Stunning!

The Fat Duck Tasting Menu 2009

This just left us to sit back, relax and ponder a wonderful meal… Before The Bill arrived!!

Coming very soon… Part 4 “The Bill plus conclusions”!


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