Day out in London

So, I spent the day out in London last Wednesday.  I had a bit of a walk around followed by the England vs Ukraine football game at Wembley.

First things first, on arriving in London I had to decide what to eat for lunch!  It was almost 13:00.  I hopped on the Tube and ended up at Selfridge’s.  Someone had tweeted me a suggestion of Daylesford Organic (who have a shop in the Selfridges Food Hall) as a good destination for lunch.  After having a look round the (disappointingly small) food hall I actually ended up buying a “healthy wrap” from another of the counters.  With this in hand and a bottle of sparkling water I headed to Hyde Park to eat my lunch.

Healthy Wrap from Selfridges

It was very nice, a good combination of spicy chick peas, potato, sprouted seeds and salad.  After this I decided to wander through Hyde Park.  I saw a lot of activity down Constitution Hill.  I decided to have a look at what was going on.  I soon ended up at Buckingham Palace to find the area around it was decked out with huge Mexican Flags, apparently the Mexican president was visiting as part of the G20 meeting.

Buckenham Palace

After watching the various dignitaries leave in massive motorcades, I walked back down Constitution Hill and paused a moment at the incredible Australian War Memorial.  You can’t but stop and think of all the lives lost during the World Wars on all sides.

The Australian War Memorial, Hyde Park, London

After a quick walk round Knightsbridge I grabbed the Tube up to Marylebone where I met ITs Food’s brother for a charter train to Wembley Stadium for England vs Ukraine.  I was going to blog about the wine (we were on a fully catered package) but it wasn’t brilliant.  The food was good (a three course buffet) and the unlimited Bucks Fizz on arrival certainly meant we enjoyed ourselves.

England vs Ukraine 01/04/09

As for the match itself, England weren’t great but it was a deserved 2-1 win.  The two biggest cheers of the night were for David Beckham and Peter Crouch’s “pulling the rope” :).

I had a pretty stressful ride home just getting the last train out of London by 2 minutes.  If I’d missed it I would have had 7 hours to wait for my next train!  I eventually got home for ~2am, tired but happy after a nice day out.  I can’t help but think though that days out in London are always a bit hurried.  Next time I’m going to plan a purely “food and wine” based day out, sampling some of the lesser known highlights of the Capital City.  All suggestions are welcome, email us (address on the right hand side of this page), comment below or twitter us @itsfood.


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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