The Great British Food Fight – Gok Wan: Too Fat Too Young

There’s another programme in the excellent “The Great British Food Fight” tonight but it’s not your usual “celebrity chef” presenter.  Tonight makeover and body specialist Gok Wan talks about weight issues in youngsters.  You may think this is a strange choice of presenter, but Gok was 21 stone once…!  An apt programme given the news today.

The Great British Food Fight 2009

The Great British Food Fight 2009

Gok Wan, stylist of How to Look Good Naked and self-esteem superhero, has boosted women’s body image and helped them to love the skin they’re in.

His empathy runs deep: as a teenager, Gok weighed 21 stone. He was over-eating, overweight and, at times, far from happy. Gok succeeded in transforming his body, but whilst on the outside he has won his battle against food addiction, inside he is still looking for answers.

In Too Fat Too Young, Gok talks to teenagers who have been severely affected by food addiction and explores the frightening extent of Britain’s teenage obesity crisis. He meets the experts, discovers some of the reasons behind the complex issue and finds out how and why the problem is growing so rapidly in the UK.

Gok’s journey

Gok’s battle with his weight saw him reach 21 stone when he was 17 years old. In a candid and personal journey, he returns to Leicester to his school and his old family home and takes a look at his relationship with food. With food addiction specialist Dr Le Fever, Gok unravels his deep-rooted issues and looks for answers as he goes on his journey.

Dawn French talks to Gok about the body image pressures today’s teenagers are under. Is it worse for young people than ever before? Gok also hears from a variety of obese teenagers and tries to understand why this age-group is particularly susceptible to weight problems, and the devastating psychological effect these can have on their lives.

The obesity crisis is explained further by leading experts in the field, and Gok explores some of the recent breakthroughs made by geneticists in Cambridge in the search for a ‘fat gene’ – submitting himself to the genetic test to find out what the future holds.

Watch Gok Wan: Too Fat Too Young, coming to Channel 4, Tuesday, 27th January, 9pm.


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