BBC Good Food Show 2008 was Great!

We had a great time at the BBC Good Food Show yesterday.  We even managed a couple of Twitter updates using my Nokia E71.  Some of our highlights included…

  • ITs Food Jnr ending up with a whole glass of Pink Elephant Rosé rather than just a taster.
  • Discovering a new Brown Brothers wine: Barbera
  • Having a really nice chat with an Aussie on the McGuigan stand and being convinced to give Tempus Two Merlot another try.
  • Being pleasantly surprised that Jimmy’s Farm sausages taste nice again after some bad experiences.
  • Really enjoying a tofu and spinach curry from East End.
  • Some producers charging for tiny samples…!

As usual the most popular stands were those offering free samples.  Most people doing the usual “Hmmm, that was nice, we must remember to come back this way when we leave.” followed shortly after (out of earshot) by “Oh, I didn’t like those <insert sample here>, they were awful!”.

The biggest surprise of the day was walking past a very quiet corner of one stand to see a very lonely looking Valentine Warner!  His recent BBC TV series “What to Eat Now” was a real grower.  I began thinking I didn’t like it but by the end of the series I found I was loving every episode.  He’s a bit like a tall Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (and you all know that Hugh is my number 1 food hero, closely followed by Heston).

What to Eat Now by Valentine Warner

What to Eat Now by Valentine Warner

We’ll, as the What to Eat Now book was on my Christmas list (and after an approving nod from Mrs ITs Food) I grabbed a copy and went to meet him.  What a nice bloke, I think he was just happy someone was there to get a book signed!  I can’t believe there wasn’t a queue, the aforementioned stand had a massive one for Gary Rhodes later.  Now, I quite like Gary Rhodes and his “British” cooking but come on people, try something a little different!  If you go to the show, track Valentine down, grab his book, and, like me, give him a good shake of his hand.  The good news is that Val told me there’s a new series of What to Eat Now coming to the BBC soon. Excellent!

If you pop along to the show (which runs until Sunday 30th November 2008), post a comment and let us know what you thought.  If you’ve been in previous years you may notice that it’s a little smaller than usual which was a shame but there’s still enough to fill a day out.


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An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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