REM at Twickenham 2008, the good and the bad!

Mrs ITs Food and myself went to see REM at Twickenham last week.  They were fantastic as were Editors who supported them (sorry, we missed The gUiLLeMoTS).

Editors @ REM London 2008

There are always good and bad parts to any concert, here are my top (and bottom) five from last week.

First of all the good:

  1. REM – They rocked!
  2. Editors – The also rocked!
  3. Getting there & back – We were snugly in our hotel beds within 30 minutes of leaving Twickenham.
  4. The weather – Glorious day, we’d packed waterproofs but it was hot and sunny.
  5. Spending some quality time with Mrs ITs Food (should have been number 1 I suppose!)

REM London 2008

Now the bad…

  1. The smell – a mixture of burped fast food, beer and BO 😦
  2. Man mountains – The two man mountains (6ft 4inches+ at least) who drifted left and right all evening in front of us sometimes blocking the view.
  3. Throwing bottles – Why do people feel the need to throw water/beer bottles?  One girl near me launched a full beer bottle in the air covering all nearby.  Do they even think about what happens when they come back down to earth?
  4. Singing – No, not all singing, just the guy behind me for a third (luckily) of the concert who SHOUTED along to all the songs in my ear.  Credit to him he knew almost every word until some of the older songs were played when he went conspicuously quiet!
  5. The weather – Yes, even though the weather was one of the good points it was also a bit too hot at times when you’re in the front 20-30 people all squashed in!

REM London 2008

It was a fantastic concert though and the bad points hardly compare to the good.  Nice one REM, hope to see you again soon.


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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