Nice Foodie Weekend

It was the Jimmy’s Farm Farmers Market at the weekend so we decided to pop along to see if was getting better or worse.  Unfortunately it was even less busy than usual and I’m really worried that I may be right and Jimmy’s Farm may not be around for much longer 😦

Jimmy's Farm

I was speaking to one of the producers who attend the Farmers Market and it seems they agree with me.  The market started declining when they started charging £1 to park.  It’s not a huge amount but it’s the principle of paying to park.  Surely that can see they’re losing more business by charging?  The average profit from each visitor must be more than £1?  I don’t know…

So, we decided to visit The Suffolk Food Hall which is just a few minutes down the road.  If you watched Jimmy’s farm on TV you may remember Michaela visiting it as it was being built worrying about the competition.  We went a slightly strange way via the E.ON head offices (!) but we eventually stumbled on it.

The Suffolk Food Hall

It was GREAT 🙂 We really enjoyed browsing and spent FAR TOO MUCH money buying lots of lovely food and drink.  We especially liked the freshly cooked Ham Hocks for £4.50, delicious!  Most products are listed with their “food miles” and it was great to see so many local products for sale.  In the end we ended up with a real feast of products including some fruit mead which was really different (and tasty).

Whilst we were really impressed with the Food Hall I have some “constructive feedback” for the owners…

  • It’s not the cheapest place to shop in the world.  The mark-up on some products which I can easily get MUCH cheaper elsewhere did shock me rather.  I can buy 12 bottles of St Peters Beer at Jimmy’s Farm for £20, some Thai Chilli Sauce was over 50% more expensive, etc..
  • There’s still some local products which could be stocked.  Please stock McLarens Pure & Natural products!  Especially their Carrot Cake, the best I’ve ever tasted!
  • Increase the wine selection, a little too Old World for my taste 😉

Will we go back?  Of course we will.  As well as the Food Hall there is a really nice Garden Centre and Cafe.  We’re looking forward to our next visit which I think will probably involve a quick stop at Jimmy’s for St Peters Beer then a much longer browse at The Suffolk Food Hall.


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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