Wine Bottle Design

There are some really nice wine bottle designs out there at the moment.  Tempus Two do some nice bottle shapes and I’m must say, I like the design of our Rosé Of The Year 2007.

One of my favourite “online magazines”, Smashing Magazine, published an article the other day highlighting “Beautiful and Expressive Packaging Design”.  In the excellent list they highlighted some very nice wine bottle designs.  Here’s what they said about the following (with American spelling)…

1. Sexy, striking, catchy and beautiful — package design by R Design Studio from London. The choice of colors is remarkable.

Wine bottle design

2. cd&c self-promotion > wine label & packaging. Wine label and packaging. The colors of dots on the wine bottle are chosen very carefully: notice how well they fit to the branding logo on the bottle.

wine label & packaging

3. Brad Surcey. Strong colors and beautiful compositions. Notice how well the title of the product is emphasized, it strongly and clearly communicates what is inside without revealing too much unnecessary information.

Wine bottle design

4. Afro Coffee Packaging. Afro by Dalla Cia: a Wine Box radio. Who thought that a radio on a wine label could actually work…

Wine bottle design

Let’s see more of this I say!  I love clever, modern packaging.  It’s worth noting that ITs Food Jnr will judge a bottle of wine on the shelves by it’s design first before suggesting we buy it.  Marketing Departments take note!


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An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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5 Responses to Wine Bottle Design

  1. Adam says:

    number 3 is really cool, we specialise in wine photography and don’t come across many contemporary labels.

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  4. queenie lacre says:

    its nyce !!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………. I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

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