Happy Birthday – ITs Food is 1 year old

Just a few days ago ITs Food celebrated it’s 1st birthday (with a dodgy wine unfortunately). What a year it’s been. From humble beginnings of just a few views a day we’ve grown to over 50 unique visitors a day. Not much by some standards but we’re thrilled. As we close in on 6000 total visits, October 2007 has been our best month with over 1200 visits so far.

1 Year Stats

In the last week people have been finding us after searching for Heston Blumenthal, this post alone has had almost 200 visits.

We’ve become a bit of a wine-centric blog but there’s still the odd food and tech article every now and again (with more to come).  All our wine reviews are archived at our sister blog ITs Wine and our new cook book reviews over at ITs Books.

Much more to come…

Over the coming weeks in the run up to Christmas we’ll be posting some Christmas gift guides and some wine suggestions.  Hopefully they’ll help you find something for the foodie/wino (!) in your life.

And finally…

You’ll probably know that if you click on any of our links to Amazon and then subsequently buy something we get a small payment.  I can reveal that over the last 12 months our total Amazon earnings have been £4.73!  Unfortunately Amazon won’t pay out until the amount reaches £25 so it looks like we’ll be waiting until about the time of the London Olympics in 2012 before we can treat ourselves.  So, if you’re buying from Amazon this Christmas and we’ve helped you pick up a nice bottle of wine or helped in any way bear us in mind and maybe click on one of our links.  No pressure! 🙂  Now, if only Amazon sold wine…!


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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