Heston Blumenthal: In Search Of Perfection Series 2

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  1. Read our reviews of The Fat Duck here.
  2. Do you want the recipes? See the bottom of this post for details!
  3. There is a paperback book called “Total Perfection: In Search of Total Perfection” which covers both series and has ALL recipes. Available from Amazon (UK) or Amazon (US).

Well I almost missed this but Heston Blumenthal has returned for a second series of his excellent series In Search Of Perfection on BBC2, Tuesdays at 20:30. The BBC website tells us…

The search begins
Culinary alchemist and three Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal once again demonstrates his incomparable approach, revolutionising some of the nation’s favourite dishes.

He’s back
In his quest for the perfect hamburger, Peking duck, chilli con carne and more, Heston will analyse every component and ingredient of each dish, to create the ultimate taste sensation. In a bid to source the ultimate ingredients, he’ll visit food growers and providers from across the world. Back home, he and a few passionate researchers form an elite team who’ll stop at nothing to help him attain his goal.

In the first episode, Heston turns his attention to Chicken tikka masala. The search starts at his local curry house in Cookham, Berkshire, but soon takes him to Delhi where he tries to unravel the complicated roots of this dish. On returning to his restaurant in Bray, Heston tries to build his own tandoor but soon realises that most people aren’t able to dig a five-foot-deep hole in the ground and line it with fire bricks. So, he comes up with a more accessible solution – a barbecue, but with a few bespoke alterations.

In Cambridge, Heston puts a chicken breast through a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan to see how a marinade affects the meat as he tries to create the perfect sauce.

Try Heston’s Chicken tikka masala recipe – it will be available online for ten days after the programme. The recipes accompanying the video clips will be available on the site until the end of December 2007.

Heston Blumenthal Recipes and additional information are available in a book to accompany the series, Further Adventures in Search of Perfection by Heston Blumenthal.

Last night’s episode was excellent, I can’t wait for the rest of the series!

Further Adventures in Search of Perfection


Recipes are online for only 10 days after each show. If they are not there I have them all saved as PDF files so if you want them let me know 😉

Episode 1: Heston’s Chicken Tikka Masala can be found here

Episode 2: Heston’s Hamburger can be found here

Episode 3: Heston’s Peking Duck can be found here

Episode 4: Heston’s Fish Pie can be found here

Episode 5: Heston’s Baked Alaska can be found here

Episode 6: Heston’s Chilli con carne can be found here

Episode 7: Heston’s Risotto can be found here

Episode 8: Heston’s Trifle can be found here

Christmas Special: Unfortunately there are no recipes online for this show 😦

One more thing, if I do send you the PDF’s or you’ve found this website helpful we’d appreciate it if you’d either buy the book through us if you decide to or even send us a donation via PayPal (use the email address itsfood @ googlemail . com without the spaces) . 🙂



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47 Responses to Heston Blumenthal: In Search Of Perfection Series 2

  1. theswissjob says:

    I really like his work. Although I have being trying to perfect his roast chicken recipe from the last series of the show and I’m still woring on it! Five chikens down and I think I’m getting closer!

  2. itsfood says:

    Hey, well done for at least trying. I can’t see myself attempting the Black Forest Gateau!

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  5. erica says:

    I’m looking for Heston’s recipe for a crisp, light batter.

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  7. Sophiek29 says:

    Where’s the recipe gone? The BBC have removed it… oh no! 😦

  8. itsfood says:

    I ‘ve got them all as PDF’s if anyone wants them, just contact me using the email address on the right –>

    • Roseanne says:

      Re: In Search of Perfection series. (emailing from Canada) Last week I missed the program about a Marinade. I have been searching for a long time for a good marinade recipe that would actually tenderize meat. If you could forward the recipe to me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you

    • Maria says:

      hi can i get the chillie con carne recipie pls

  9. Rachel says:

    hi i am desperately searching for the peking duck recipe please will you email it to me, you would be a star if you did i cannot find it anywhere and dont want to splash out on the book!

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  12. Gilli says:

    Have just sent you an email. Found your site very informative… will be back.

  13. Ted Thiessen says:

    Hi, I am looking for the Tikka Masala recipe. Do you still have it on PDF. Thanks.

  14. itsfood says:

    Ted, email us at our @googlemail.com address, it’s on the –> right hand side of this page.

  15. george ann says:

    Could you please email me the recipes for the blumenthal series second season?


  16. itsfood says:

    George, email us, the link is on the right hand side –>

  17. Chris Sorensen says:

    Could you please be so kind as to email me Heston Blumenthal’s PDF’s of his recipes. I only saw today one show, and loved it, and then came looking for it,only to find that it is old now,and I can’t get the recipes.

    Please, I am hoping you can send them to me.

    Kind Regards
    from Australia

  18. itsfood says:

    Christine, get in touch via the email address to the right –>

  19. Gerry H says:

    I’ve sent you an email requesting Heston’s Fish and Chips receipe. I really hope you can help on this one!
    Many thanks :-).

  20. itsfood says:

    We only have Series 2, Series 1 recipes are available in his book http://tinyurl.com/HestonSeries1

  21. Adrian says:

    Dear All,

    Could someone please send me the recipe for both the duck and the fish pie? As with Christine, I too only just discovered Heston a few days ago. In Oz we don’t get any of the BBC cooking stuff as you can imagine (which I think is a shame).

    Thank you in advance!


  22. Gio1707 says:

    Hello ! I would like to have Heston’s recipes of the series 2! Can someone please send it via Email to me? Please answer! thanks.

  23. OWH says:

    Could you email me the recipes of Burgers, Tikka Marsala, and Chili? Thanks.

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  25. Sue White says:

    Hi There
    This is Sue from Johannesburg in South Africa. Please send me the PDF for Heston’s Fish & Chips. We can’t buy any decent fish & chips here, so we have to cook our own. Thanks a lot


  26. Lars says:

    do you still email the PDF to people? If so I would appreciate the ones from series 2.

    Thank you.

  27. Aaron Keong says:

    Hi i am Aaron and i just visited ur web and i would want to ask whether can u send me all the PDf of Heston’s recipes please.. it will be very appreciated..


  28. soren2 says:

    Hi There
    I wondered if you’re still emailing the PDF files of the second series?
    If so I’ll appreciate it a million, if I could get the files.
    Big thanks.

  29. lynn says:

    te link tthe hamburger recipe has gone – any chance of sending me the PDF ?

  30. Chester says:

    hi..i just sent u an email regards to the recipes..wondering r u still sendin those pdf files?thx

  31. Liz Thompson says:

    I would be most grateful for the recipe for chicken tikka masala by Heston Blumenthal

  32. Soeren says:

    Hi !
    My name is Søren (Soeren) I`m a danish student and a huge fan of Blumenthals work. I would love to get my hands on his recipe for Chili con carne if possible.

    Best regards

  33. david says:

    I really like heston blumenthals recipes. Cut someone send me the recipe on, hestons trifle and his burger, that would be nice.

  34. david says:

    can you send me the trifle and the burger recipe

  35. itsfood says:

    Hi, you all should have the recipes now, the fastest way to contact us is itsfood @ googlemail (dot) com

  36. J says:

    I am in dire need of the Chili recipe if you would be willing to send it I would be very grateful.


  37. chris maros says:

    could I please receive the pdf files for Hestons Recipes, Thank you very much

  38. Laurence says:

    Hi. I have just found this program. Wonderful stuff. I have seen the fish pie, and could not keep up with all the amazing details. If you have the recipe I would love to receive it.

  39. anne stewart says:

    Hi – couldn’t find the email address you mentioned – may i please have the chilli concarne, trifle and chicken tikka masala recipes if you would be so kind? many thanks – love hestons work, what an enquiring mind!

  40. itsfood says:

    Email address on the right (re-added) and at the bottom of this page 🙂

  41. Cate says:

    Hi – this series has only just aired in Australia so the links will be well and truly expired! Can you please mail me the files?
    Thanks so much; I really appreciate your generosity.

  42. itsfood says:

    Cate, email us at the email address at the bottom of the page. We do it this way to make sure the requests come from the owner of the email address 🙂

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