Bad Wine: Adobe Merlot 2005

I bought a case of wine through Majestic the other month made up of mostly new wines (plus one old favourite). The Adobe Merlot was recommended by majestic staff so I got a couple of bottles. You all know I like Merlot and this had the added bonus of being Organic as well. Chilean Merlot? You can’t go wrong can you?

Interestingly, they sent me two different styles of bottle.

Adobe Merlot 2005

Adobe Merlot 2005

I think this is just down to a brand revamp but there may be some subtle difference. I’ll ignore it though and treat them as one wine.

Adobe is made by Emiliana who have a very strong ideal of organic produce and biodiversity.

In 1998 our company contributed with excellent vineyards from the valleys of Casablanca, Maipo and Colchagua, in order to incorporate them into a handling of organic and bio dynamical agriculture, giving birth to Emiliana Orgánico, a unique project in CHILE and pioneer in Latin America.

This project is the result of the search of the maximum quality, through productive processes, which are shown in the final product, around the concern and respect for the ground, by sustainable agriculture, minimizing the artificial processes and the use of synthetic products, fundamentally seeking to anticipate the illnesses before treating them, which implies a very delicate work on each plant.

Under the Organic concept, the vineyard is considered to be a living resource, with an own balance that must be preserved. Because of this, the ground nutrients are generated in the same field.

The Emiliana Orgánico spirit is sustained in the caring and absolute dedication for the vineyard and the strong commitment for the environment, achieving like this the maximum Terroir expression, preserving all the grape’s peculiarities and obtaining a result of extraordinary quality.

A very welcome stance on organics. Well was the wine any good? In a word… no. My notes tell me:

…not nice, not smooth, overly harsh for a merlot…

Oh dear, I like my Merlot’s smooth and fruity with a bit of body. This had body but it was disappointingly harsh with or without food. Poor quality for a £5 Chilean Merlot.

Adobe Merlot 2005

Grape: Merlot
Alcohol: 14.5%
Guide Price: <£5
I bought this wine at: Majestic (online)
ITs Food Rating: Two Stars

2 Stars


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