Some strange wine news!

We’re almost ready to post the results of the Great Summer of Rosé 2007 but in the meantime here are a couple of strange wine related stoires we’ve come across on the web this week.

I came across the Color Block Hanging Light by Jerry Kott on re:modern.

 Color Block Hanging Light

Artist Jerry Kott handcuts, re-assembles, and polishes recycled bottles to create these amazing colored sculptures. Each hanging light comes with a 14″ swag cord and is H17″ x 3″ diameter. Comes with a 40 watt frosted showcase bulb. Price varies according to number of color blocks per lamp:

3 Color Blocks, $190
4 Color Blocks, $260
5 Color Blocks, $310

Nice idea! Beats the usual Ikea lamps that everyone has these days (including me!).

Here’s one for you avid fans of ITs Food. Trying to think of a gift for your favourite Wine related blog (with the odd mention of food and tech)? How about a £6,000/$11,000/¥1.26M bottle of Dom Perignon? 🙂

Dom Perignon

Mainichi Daily News tells us…

Matsuzakaya Department Store selling champagne at 1.26 million yen per bottle

NAGOYA — The Matsuzakaya Department Store in Nagoya’s Sakae-ku began selling 3 liter bottles of Dom Perignon champagne on Wednesday at 1.26 million yen a bottle.

Only 100 bottles of the champagne are available worldwide. The champagne is vintage 1995, which is regarded as a good year. Twenty of the bottles will be sold in Japan, with Matsuzakaya selling the first five.

One of the 3-liter bottles has already been sold, Matsuzakaya officials said. Each bottle is numbered and has been elaborately wrapped to attract customers. (Mainichi)

E-mail me if you need to know my shipping address 😀

That’s all for now. Enjoy your Wine (thanks Cali 😉 )


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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2 Responses to Some strange wine news!

  1. Andrew says:

    would make a great housewarming gift. And as luck would have it I am moving house…

  2. itsfood says:

    I think that’s a big hint!

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