Great Summer of Rosé 2007: Rioja Gran Familia Rosado 2006

Welcome to our next wine in the Great Summer of Rosé 2007. The fifth and penultimate rosé is Rioja Gran Familia Rosado, 2006.

Rioja Gran Familia Rosé 2006

Rioja Gran Familia Rosado 2006 is a wine made by Scotsman Norrel Robertson in Calatayud, Spain. Apparently the locals know him as “El Escocés Volante” (The Flying Scotsman). He studied Post Graduate Viticulture and Oenology in New Zealand and apparently is the only Master of Wine based in Spain. This better be good!

We’re blessed with some good technical details about this wine. I like reading these even though it doesn’t mean that much to me!

The vineyards are located on clay and limestone soils in Rioja Alta with an average age of 35 years for the vines. Grapes were hand-picked in early October when conditions were dry and temperatures steady, between 18-20 degrees. Then careful selection took place to arrive at the best possible juice. Fermentation was in tanks with temperature regulated at 14-16 degrees.The wine sees no oak and is fairly dry with residual sugar 2.1 g/lt.

Rioja Gran Familia Rosé 2006 Back Label

So, what did I think? Well… I think I’m getting a bit of rosé blindness! Yes it was dry, yes it seemed to have the modern trait of pepperyness, yes it was okay to glug. But, it wasn’t anything special, I like a bit of fruit in there but I prefer a rosé to be demi-sec, fruity sweetness killed off with a really dry aftertaste. This wine was just… a normal modern rosé. It sits in the £4.99 price range (£3.79 currently if you by a half case) with all the others. Nothing in my mind sets this wine apart from all the others.

Rioja Gran Familia Rosado 2006

Grape: Tempranillo
Alcohol: 12%
Guide Price: <£4.99
I bought this wine at: Tesco’s (online)
ITs Food Rating: Two Stars

2 Stars


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An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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3 Responses to Great Summer of Rosé 2007: Rioja Gran Familia Rosado 2006

  1. Bill says:


    Did you get the name wrong on this wine? You call it Marques de la Concordia?

  2. itsfood says:

    Yes, you’re right! Thanks for that. I think I must have been drinking too much Rosé!!!

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