Great Summer of Rosé 2007: The Real Rosé Company Pink Zinfandel 2006

Welcome to the fourth of six reviews in our Great Summer of Rosé. The fourth rosé is The Real Rosé Company Pink Zinfandel 2006.

The Real Rosé Company Pink Zinfandel 2006

So when rosé began to “get big” some large players in the wine/beverage industry took note. Hedley Wright and Castle Growers (HwCg) saw this as an opportunity to launch a rose brand into the market (they recently “took over” the Barramundi range of Australian wines). Their rather corporate website tells us…

The total Rosé category now represents 7% of the UK wine market by volume, an increase of 35% in 2006. Value was up 35% as well, with a 7.3% share of the market worth £310 million. (MAT AC Nielsen 31.12.06).

In 2006, Rosé was the only wine category to show any significant growth.

As a result of this phenomenal growth, HwCg saw a great opportunity in the market to create a global Rose brand. The fast growing category was dominated by a small number of brands producing similar wines which weren’t offering the consumer anything different or exciting.

HwCg created the Real Rosé Company in order to provide consumers with a comprehensive range of Rosé wines of varying varietals, countries of origin, styles and price points. They decided to offer 2 price points, both entry level quality blends at £4.99 and more complex premium single varietals at £6.99.

The existing market is awash with sweet style Rosés such as Californian Pink Zin, and HwCg’s Real Rosé Company sought to address this by offering the consumer drier rose styles made of different grape varieties, more premium wines and more sophisticated packaging. The Rosés are sourced from HwCg’s key long standing supplier partners in Italy, France, South Africa, Chile and Australia. Quality and consistency are paramount.

The idea behind the Real Rosé Company is thus to offer the Rosé drinker more diversity within the Rosé category, whilst still being within the reassuring confines of an easily accessible and credible brand.

The Real Rosé Company is a brand of integrity and authenticity, providing consumers with the opportunity of experimenting within the Rose category – something that has never been done before in the UK.

Real Rosé was launched at FUOR in March 2007 and is currently listed in Tesco with other national grocer listings to follow later in the year.

So, what does this wine taste like? A tasteless wine thought up my marketers or a wonderful blended rosé executed to perfection? Well, my tasting notes tell me this wine was…

“…nothing special, what I’ve come to expect from a modern rosé. Quite light, not as heavy as the last couple, bit of fruit.”

The Real Rosé Company Pink Zinfandel 2006 Back Label

(Sorry about the terrible back photo)

Yes, it was okay. A bit more “classic” rosé than some of the others I’ve tasted whilst not being sweet. Gluggable when cold but not brilliant. It’s a good price when you can get it for less than £4 a bottle, not quite worth the RRP of £4.99 in my mind though.

The Real Rosé Company Pink Zinfandel 2006

Grape: Zinfandel
Alcohol: 10.5%
Guide Price: <£4.99
I bought this wine at: Tesco’s (online)
ITs Food Rating: Three Stars

3 Stars


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