Good Wine: La Couronne des Plantagenets Vouvray

La Couronne des Plantagenets Vouvray

Back in the days when I was at University doing my Masters Degree I was re-introduced to an old friend. That friend was called Vouvray (yes, I’m sure you saw that coming!). Summer days we’re spent working very hard but the one bright light on the horizon was a evening meal outside with friends (including the future Mrs ITs Food) eating Coronation Chicken, salad , a fresh baguette and a chilled bottle of Vouvray. It was heaven.

Unfortunately my favourite tipple, Tesco’s own Vouvray at £3.99 a bottle (I was a student!) has now long gone. This bottle of La Couronne des Plantagenets Vouvray was picked up at Sainsbury’s. It’s a perfect example of a demi-sec wine, half-dry. The initial sweetness of the wine is offset by a lovely sharpness which leaves the mouth (okay, palette) refreshed and ready for another glug.

I wasn’t disappointed, this wine was easily gluggable and although it didn’t quite match my memories of those university days, it was a nice enjoyable bottle. Three stars.

La Couronne des Plantagenets Vouvray

Grape: Vouvray
Alcohol: 11.5%
Guide Price: ~£4-£5
I bought this wine at: Sainsbury’s (instore)
ITs Food Rating: Three stars

3 Stars


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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2 Responses to Good Wine: La Couronne des Plantagenets Vouvray

  1. Gordon Hill says:

    This wine is my favourite, affordable, white tipple too – excellent value and quality.
    I have just returned from the Vouvray region, where I tasted many Vouvray demi-sec whites from different years – all with the unique Vouvray taste but subtly different. The grape variety is Chenin for all Vouvray whites.

  2. itsfood says:

    Glad you enjoyed this Gordon, I like it when I get comments which don’t agree with my own. That’s what’s great about wine, everybody enjoys it for different reasons!

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