iPods on the menu at The Fat Duck

You probably know that I’ve been lucky enough to go to The Fat Duck on a couple of occasions and think Heston Blumenthal is a foodie God. The restaurant has been named second best restaurant in the world for the second year running (it won the year before). It is fantastic!

Some people say that the food is pretentious but I wager they’ve never eaten there. The food is wonderful and it’s all about the experience of eating. Yes, a lot of effort is put into the food looking wonderful BUT the flavours are the real stars of the show. Heston puts flavours together you’d never have considered but it works incredibly well, EVERY TIME. Genius.

The Fat Duck

It now seems he’s gone a step further in scintillating your senses. Gizmodo reports that Heston’s new menu item “Sound of the Sea” has you listening to sea related sounds whilst eating the dish. I know he’s done something similar in Spain in the past which was all related to “The English Summer” (sounds of lawnmowers, bees, cricket, etc.)…

My ideal restaurant experience tends to be when someone else picks up the tab but, for others, they need a little bit more to get the most out of their nosh.

The Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire is now one of the world’s most renowned restaurants, thanks to the mad genius of owner/chef Heston Blumenthal.

The man who’s never adverse to a bit of experimentation has decided iPods and music will enhance its menu. A new dish called ‘Sound of The Sea’ comes with iPods on the side. It is comprised of seaweed, seafood and tapioca, comes served in a wooden box with a surround of sand and seashells and diners are requested to listen to sounds of the sea on the iPods as they chow down.

Talking to Square Meal, Blumenthal said:

“I did a series of tests with Charles Spence at Oxford University three years ago, which revealed that sound can really enhance the sense of taste. We ate an oyster while listening to the sea and it tasted stronger and saltier than when we ate it while listening to barnyard noises, for example.”

No, you don’t get to keep the iPods.

You go Heston! When I can next afford to come along to the restaurant (unless you want to invite me) I’ll be trying this out. Having said that though it did cost us £800 (for 4 people) last time we went…

So, what do you think readers? Would you like to try the “Sound of the Sea”? Is Heston a genius (hint: Yes) or overrated (hint: No)? Have you eaten there? Do you want to pay for me to go? Let me know.


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