Top 10 Wine Tips

So, as Top 10 lists are all the rage in blogs these days I thought I’d have a go. Some people think wine is for “snobs” and the confusing labelling of French wines doesn’t help. But, with New World wines now making it easier to choose more people are trying wine. Here is our not-so-serious Top 10 Tips.

  1. Men prefer red, women prefer white (and rosé). Sweeping generalisation #1!
  2. Red is better drank with food rather than on it’s own whilst white is good both ways.
  3. Champagne is just overpriced (mostly) sparkling wine from a region in France. Sparkling wine from the rest of the world (e.g. Prosecco and Cava) is as good and sometimes better. My tip is the excellent value Omar Khayyam from India.
  4. Red tastes better the day after you open it. It’s true, red wine will always benefit from being opened early and aired. Drink it at room temperature as well.
  5. Red wine with fish! A chilled red is just as good as a chilled white sometimes. Try Tarrango from Brown Brothers.
  6. Screwtop good, cork bad. Fact!
  7. New World (Australia, New Zealand, North & South America) > Old World (France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, etc.).
  8. For the man/woman in the street no wine is worth more than £25/$50 a bottle. If you’re spending less than ~£7/$14 then you’re taking pot luck AND if you’re under £4/$8 then just go drink antifreeze or (decent) beer instead.
  9. The stronger the wine the better quality. Seriously, this works 90% of the time for reds (not so much with white though). Pick a new world red wine (like a merlot/shiraz/cabernet sauvignon) and if it’s 13% alcohol or more it’ll usually be good.
  10. There are lots of decent wine books to learn from. Sorry! That was the obligatory Amazon link. Seriously though if you want to learn more about wine try Thirsty Work by Matt Skinner. It’s a great book about what wine is, where it comes from and what to look out for. He’s also written another couple of books about wine which aren’t half bad.

So, we’ve broken our “Top 10 List on a Blog” virginity. That wasn’t too bad. Now all I have to do is submit it to Digg and wait for the thousands of visitors…

Feel free to leave a comment with your additions to the list, your comments or your complaints! If you enjoyed this have a look at the Good and Bad wines I’ve reviewed so far.


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An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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