Tech: OpenID, will it work?

So, time for one of our “oh-so-rare” tech posts! It seems everyone is talking about OpenID these days. I saw on Twitter the other day that Leo Laporte said he was “signing up for every possible openid – just in case” and Kevin Rose from says they’ll be supporting it.

So, yes, itsfood now has an OpenID. Will it catch on? Will it just turn into another Passport/Windows Live ID? I don’t know, it seems a few people on the web aren’t sure, there are pro’s and con’s. I personally use different passwords for different websites which can sometimes be tricky, especially when some websites have a stupid password policy which means my standard pattern doesn’t fit! The idea of Single Sign On for all websites is a nice idea.

Sign up for an OpenID and let me know your thoughts on whether it will work or not.


About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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