Digg: How MacGuyver would turn a Mini-Fridge into a Wine Refrigerator

Remember the show MacGuyver with Richard Dean Anderson (now of Stargate SG-1 fame)? He basically did what the A-Team always managed at the end of each episode, made something out of nothing. So, you want a wine fridge but can’t afford a few hundred pounds for one? Make it!

“What can you learn from the greatest problem solver in history? First of all, even the most difficult problem can be solved with a bit MacGyver ingenuity. That’s right, if MacGyver can foil world domination with a tooth pick and a rubber band, you can do just about anything…”

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About itsfood

An IT Manager with an interest in tech (because he's a geek who enjoys his job too much) and food & wine (because he enjoys eating and drinking when not working).
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